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The Story Behind Demould

We Create Delicious Memories For You.

The year was 2015. In an exam hall in one of the best colleges in India, a straight-A student was looking at a question paper with a mix of resignation and amusement. A career in Statistics or Actuarial Sciences, both of which he was pursuing degrees in, had been a solid idea, and yet here was a 20-year-old Mr Shiv Kumar Madaan feeling not quite at home. Within moments, the confusion gave way to clarity and he opened up the hitherto discarded question paper to scribble down flow charts and lists, which later became the first business plan. He passed that exam nonetheless, and also went ahead to use that business plan to set up Demould first as a home-based baking stint, and later as a professional bakery.

Born on a blank exam sheet, meandering through the trenches of a home-based enterprise and then touching scale that serves Delhi-NCR, Demould today delivers everything from cupcakes and birthday cakes to macarons and decadent cheesecakes, from the favourite cake jars to the much-awaited seasonal menus.

Today, Demould Founder Shiv Kumar Madan’s enduring passion for baking has branched out further – not only does he bring the choicest of baked goodies, he also strives to bring the best to the table in all respects, from packaging to innovation, all undergirded by customer satisfaction.

which is evidenced by the innovative products Demould offers. It’s what has Demould a brand to reckon with, in Delhi!


"I hope my enthusiasm for baking reflects in every piece and that you relish every bite."